This is from Tim. I created this blog to keep friends and family in touch with where I am and what I am doing. I hope someone finds it interesting. As I go along I find more and more people that I do not know are checking out my posts. For their benefit I am English, though have moved and lived throughout the British Isles. From the Orkney isles in the far North, Edinburgh, Wales, London, and a few places in between.
I have lived in Marin County, California for over thirty years.

5 responses to “About

  1. Are you, by any chance, the Tim Stratton-Clarke who worked for Island Records in London in the 1970s and came up to Manchester a couple of times to distribute albums around record shops in the north west of England when Island’s northern delivery guy was away?

  2. Yes, I did when I checked my mail first thing this morning, but didn’t have time to write a reply before I had to go to work. I’ll compose a comprehensive reply when I finish work today, but to satisfy your curiosity, I navigated for you when you came up to Manchester to drive Island’s van. We stayed with Dave Jones and Gaye at their rented cottage Wildboarclough, and my other responsibility was to wake you up each morning, which was a more difficult task than the navigation.

    Ring any bells?

  3. Hello …. I am wondering if you are the husband of Julie (Jules)? If so, she looked after me as a child. I’m the daughter of Joan Kempton Jeeves. Would love to re-connect. Thank you!

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