Nerve wracking visit to the Office that issues visas for India today wondering if I had filled all the paperwork in correctly.

Just completing the form online was stressful, have I got it all right.

Where was my passport issued ? I don’t know and my passport doesn’t tell me. Panic. So made it up, London, though I now recollect it was renewed in LA.

Its $76.00 for US citizens $77.00 for Green Card holders. Huh.

Go to the passport photo shop “What size would you like your passport photos UK or US” WHAT ? Staff settled on UK size. Well OK, but will it work?

Oh look, PO Box number on Driver’s License, that won’t do. Off to DMV where the line was out the door. 1st day of New Year. Fortunately knowledgeable lady knew exactly what to do and gave me a copy of my DMV record which showed Residence as well as mailing address. Will it work ?

Go to Bank for required money order, showed relevant page to teller on iPad. “But it says $76.00 sir” I know I know but I have a Green Card so it is $77.00. More panic, have I got it right?

So bravely head for San Francisco with Mapquest directions to 965 Mission in hand. Fabulously brilliant day on the Bay, gorgeous views from Bridge. Up and over Divisidero, left at Geary and head down town. Then. Mistake.

Decided that I wanted to be on Market, so parked and set off to look for #965. Large hole where #965 should have been, then realized my panic induced error. I AM ON THE WRONG STREET.

Fortunately it is only a block over to Mission and I entered office 10 minutes before my appointment time, joined queue, papers blessed by Receptionist, Money Order accepted by cashier, Visa will be Fedex’d in 5 working days. That’s it. I did it. Haha.

On the way out of the office I met a chatty couple who had overheard me talking about my itinerary and asked when I would be in Goa. Seems they will be there a month before me. They were called Mr and Mrs Raver and I didn’t bat an eyelid !

So happy with my success that I stopped by the Bridge at Vista Point and joined all the smiling tourists.


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