Early morning Thursday

Here are a couple of notes before I go off.

Sorry about the font change in the last post. Addressed the problem on a new day but cannot work out how to change it back to normal. Hope it does not happen again.

Sorry about the youtube link. The opinion is that youtube is blocked here and I am not allowed to access the site to change any settings. I will try from a different country. Facebook is in a similar situation, I could access it in HCMC but not here, today.

The alleyway with hotel on left

It is before 6.00am and already the alley outside the hotel is a hive of activity. The lady across the way  has set up her breakfast stall, up and down the alley lights are burning and people are scurrying about preparing for the new day, in the rain.

4 responses to “Early morning Thursday

  1. We’re about to go to bed, so goodnight.
    You are about to start your day, so good morning!
    Stay safe.

  2. Have a fun day….#7? The pics of you were confirming of the reality that you are really there, not just blogging from somewhere….most awesome!

  3. I wait to read your posts until a quiet moment when school prep is over and I’m relaxing in my Master bedroom. Your description of the manic streets makes me appreciate our quiet, wooded neighborhood, with the occasional screech owl. I’m receiving you loud and clear on group emails and this blog. Stay safe, conserve your energy and keep your descriptions coming!

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