First Day in Fort Kochi.

Daylight on Tuesday reveals Fort Kochi, strangely quiet. Last evening there was the predictable busy busy business, motor scooters, tuk tuks, cars, buses and much pedestrian traffic. Only a little like Viet Nam, obliviously walk out into the traffic, keep going, don’t stop, don’t look and be optimistic. Woke up this morning at eight thirty, oh good, a lie in, pottered about, made tea, looked out the window, then discovered I had left the clock gadget on Cambodia time. It was a little after 6am. Oh well, sunup is a good time for a stroll. But, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse ! Ok, there were a few goats, the occasional policeman, some soldiers, that was about it, well early I thought and kept walking. 7am then 8am and still the streets were deserted, the shops shuttered, no hubbub, no action. Hungry, I made my way back to the hotel and then it struck me, someone mentioned a strike last night, a 24 hour General Strike! Well that’s it then, innit, all the shops are closed, the banks, offices, gas stations, restaurants, the Post Office, the railways aren’t running, the airport is shut down, the port traffic halted, there are no buses, tuk tuks or taxis. It’s so strangely quiet, like going to Safeway on Thanksgiving morning.

Nothing, nobody, anywhere.

The story behind the Chinese Fishing Nets

The Nets Waiting for the new day

The net is lowered into the water.

After a suitable period of time the net is hauled up, gradually.

There may or may not be fish.

Last photo of nets for a while, promise.

General Strike activity, cricket. I counted four matches on this one “pitch”.

Another pitch, more cricket. Do check out the Banyan Tree, there are many in town and provide welcome shade.

Everyone goes to the beach to watch the sunset, over the Arabian Sea.

Having fun.

Crowd. Beach. Fort Kochi. Sunset.

7 responses to “First Day in Fort Kochi.

  1. How bizarre to have your first day as a general strike – interesting how different everything will be tomorrow!!

    Love all the games of cricket – especially the fact that it all appears to be ‘pick up games’ rather than organised… UK and USA could take note about allowing kids to just play!!

    I for one found the nets photos very interesting.

    Keep the photos, stories, and comments coming!

  2. Like Ben says, must have been strange waking up to a general strike! But at least a gentle introduction, tomorrow will be another matter. Loved the photos of the nets, but also the beach scene with everyone there waiting for sunset. A bit like the Med thing of ‘promenading’, walking about, meeting, talking, to see and be seen. Stay safe.

  3. Wow, cool pics of the beach and the nets and the locals of India. I don’t see any basing suits, is the water polluted or is this a cultural thing? Looks like the streets are clean, tho deserted. I’m wondering what the people were striking about. I hope your accommodations are safe and you are a happy traveler. The neighborhood awaits predicted rain that the wind blew in and spring blossoms are in bloom. You really aren’t missing anything.

  4. I don’t think I thanked you for the postcard from Vietnam of the beautiful child holding a stick in her mouth with a bird perched on it. It is here on the living room table. I hope you are getting some photos of the children in addition to the local boats and nets! Enjoy that long awaited curry in various forms throughout the day. xx

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