A note from Tiruneli

My new little room, far off the beaten track

Posting from my phone while I have a signal. It is a bit erratic.

I am quite high in the Western Ghats.

Some rice paddy terracing. The one in the foreground was planted this morning.

Was going through this gate last night, but was warned that I would be on the elephant path, tigers too!

Will try to add more when I have a better signal. Just wanted to let you know that all is well, just a tad remote.
Prizes offered if you can find Tiruneli on the map. Google Earth ? It is on my map, but very very small.

Dining room .

11 responses to “A note from Tiruneli

  1. Can’t keep up with you.Thought you were on a little boat.How did you get to the tent? Looks a bit primitive and I am not too keen on the elephant and tiger paths! Trying to keep up with Sally?!
    Raining here today.Good for the garden where we have promroses,daffodils,irises and hyacinths.
    Take care.I’m now off to try and find Tiruneli on the map.

    • Sorry Ma, but yes there is a gap of a couple of days. Blog posts are written but cannot get online to publish them. So just sent today’s briefly to assuage any anxiety anywhere ! Met local Brahmins earlier and they just delivered chocolate rice pudding. Must be because I complemented Mother Brahmin on her garden. Moving on tomorrow, will look for wifi. x

  2. Barbara Godden

    Good grief! How did the boat turn into a tent or was this a little side trip you forgot to mention?! As Joy says, you’re hard to keep up with. Looks an amazing place. Not sure about the tigers and elephants. Stay safe.

    • Yes this is a six day road trip into hills and mountains. Back to Kochi on eighth for overnight train to Goa. Will publish written posts and photos when I can find a wifi connection. This written on phone with Indian Cell service. Thanks for keeping up, it helps. x

  3. Hey Tim, nice to hear from you again, as you dropped off Finding Friends. I wonder if you can see me commuting from College of Marin to home and back….I love hearing about lions and tigers and elephants…oh my! Cannot wait for pictures of them. I will google map to see where you are. You will notice I’m awake at an early hour, don’t know why but I’m dreaming of Africa, I mean India. Frankly I prefer my master bedroom over the tent accommodation. Be well and safe travels.

    • Yes you are up early, sorry to hear that. Haven’t actually got a photo of animals yet but tonight we go on a safari type outing in a jeep, so may get lucky. No wifi up here so App free.Sunset and cooling down dramatically, putting sleeves back on the jacket. Lights are on to keep the beasts out. Good to hear from you, thanks.

  4. Deborah Townsend

    I like the look of those hills.

  5. It reminds me of our pop up tent that we used for so many years! What are the chances of you and Sally both on safari at the same time on two different continents! Hope to talk soon. xx

  6. Omg! (I feel like I start every response with that..!) maybe I should try lol! Your in a tent! I also find too many comments i write require a ! :p well, whatever(!) your in India! Love the dining room dad; reminds me of the table at tjs! Probably no daddy’s for ya though… Alas. Hope the food is good in the middle of F’in nowhere. You are a rock star… A baller as we say in the hood. I can’t believe you…trekkin out into the deep. May you find magic everywhere in everything. May your heart open to seeing how loved you are, even from people you probably can’t understand! I love you, and I bet the elephants do too, and probably the little old lady who cooks your fine dining… I feel speechless, but I seem to have a lot to say! Look forward to whenever you decide to return to Skype land, but def no rush 😉 xx xx
    your in a tent…omg…yes! Hah

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