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The Day I Took a Tourist Bus.

Here I am, Saturday morning, hard to believe I only arrived on Thursday night. Afraid to say that the adrenalin has worn off and I feel a bit beat. So, taking the easy way round and taking one of those open top tourist buses. Yes I know, a bit tacky, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Bear with me…….
Ok, thanks. Actually it was quite rewarding, dare I say interesting. I certainly got to see way more than I would have done on foot. Plugged my headphones into the audio jack at the seat and received all sorts of tips, hints, history and anecdotes. I especially liked the advance warnings about upcoming photo opps that lasted a second or two.
I hopped off to take the tram to the “Peak”. The tram was installed in 1888 and is still running on the same tracks with the same cars. The view from the observation tower was spectacular despite the murky weather. They do say that one should step out of one’s comfort zone on this type of trip, I did. I have a mortal fear of heights, I usually close the blind if I am in a window seat when flying until I feel up to opening it (know what I mean?). So there I am, right on the top of this tower, waist height glass wall all round, and I actually lent on the railing and took a photo. This from a guy who didn’t get higher than the first deck of the Eiffel Tower!
I wish, at this point that I could make the blogging software app (WordPress) accept inserted photos. If any one has a clue, please let me know as I am beginning to think I shoulda brought a laptop, or even a MacBook Air. I will persevere and did actually email myself a couple of photos, then went to the business center and uploaded them from the computer to yesterday’s post. Such a chore and the formatting seems to have gone all pear shaped. Sigh.
So it’s bye bye Hong Kong in the morning. I am thrilled to have been here, it is so dynamic, so intense, so energetic, the people are all in a mad hurry, in fact I don’t think anyone has noticed me at all, heck, why should they. It has the aura of Manhattan, the sophistication of London or Paris and even the eccentricities and charm of San Francisco.
Tell you something, I haven’t been hassled once, I haven’t seen a panhandler nor any begging whatsoever. I have seen maybe three cops. The escalator into the mall outside the hotel is jammed, constantly.
They gotta be doing something right here in Hong Kong.
Next post from Saigon. I know I know, Ho Chi Minh City, but downtown retains the old name or so I have read.
We shall find out.