A Wedding.

Seb and Sara's wedding 1

In the midst of all these myriad preparations for a Round the World trip my son, Sebastian, married his long term girlfriend Sara.

I have to confess to being a little nervous about their preparations as they only had three weeks to pull it off.

However, the whole day unfolded flawlessly and it was a joyous and loving occasion for everyone who attended.

It took place in a Redwood Grove outside Occidental in Northern California and the weather gods were smiling, it was 70 degrees on January the 29th.

We all stayed in Sebastopol the night before and set off from the hotel at about 10.00 am. The drive proved challenging as we seem to have forgotten how to read maps these days, too much reliance on technology which works fine when one can receive a signal, but when the signal fades…then what. However all was well and we didn’t let the side down by arriving late. We were met in the parking lot by a well dressed “greeter” who gave us directions to the Grove and as we walked through the Redwoods we could feel our nerves dissipate.

Sebastian's Superman cloak.

Sebastian and Sara’s helpers (aka The Crew) had prepared the Grove magnificently. There were artifacts from each of their childhoods spread around for all to see, I was amused to see Seb’s Superman cloak from when he was five.



Sara arrived through the woods on the arm of her Father and she really looked radiant. Those big eyes were like beacons of delight, and the Ceremony began.

The Ceremony








I could wax on endlessly about the candle moment, the Water moment, the smoke moment and the after party but it will suffice to know that the whole event was wonderful, I enjoyed every moment and will treasure the memory for the rest of my life.

Thanks to Seb and Sara and now I have a plane to catch !

This is how I will look. Say Hi if you see me.

4 responses to “A Wedding.

  1. I’m gonna miss you soooo much, hood won’t be the same without your smiling face!

  2. Happy travelling, green with envy at your itinerary. Say hi to the Nilgiri railway for me!

  3. Wow Tim, wonderful memories from an absolutely beautiful wedding. Am glad you are taking me along your journey – eat big and be safe.

  4. Have a grand adventure, Tim!

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