Cathay Pacific flight 879

Flight CX879 San Francisco to Hong Kong.

Never read this legendary newspaper before

What a pleasure it is to fly with Cathay Pacific after so many years with British Airways. The seats are comfortable, the flight crew polite and helpful unlike some of the Tartars I have encountered on other Airlines. The tv screen is HUGE and the movie choices fill a small book. I am very impressed that I can watch Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy as I was thinking of going to the movie theatre to see it.
The menu is extremely well presented and the choices are a vast improvement on “meat, fish or chicken”. I’m liking the look of the wine list too…..
The seat is a gadget lover’s dream.

Everything one needs for the flight !

It features a multi national power socket so I can keep the iPad charged all the way. I was disappointed when it didn’t work on the ground but once airborne a little green light came on and everything is charging. There is also a video/audio input so if I had brought a laptop I could watch movies on the fore mentioned tv. Heck, it even has a USB port which will allow me to plug in the iPad/iPod and enjoy my movies or look at photos. Pause for playing, ha, it works, cabin crew like the wedding photos Sara. Outstanding.
The onscreen map is very well thought out presenting an ever changing series of different views of our position. It looks as if we are going to head up the coast to about Ukiah and then swing East. Yep, that is exactly what we just did, so no waving to the Seattleites, hi Nat, hi Erin. Quite impressive as all there will be to see for the next 14 hours will be the North Pacific Oceon. There is a view from an outside camera, which, predictably is rather dull as we are heading straight into the sun.
Bit of a pause there for lunch (maybe) enjoyed a crab thingy for starters followed by a quite reasonable chop. Now the cheese and a glass of St Emilion. All accompanied by “the Sound of Goodbye” on my headphones. Seems appropriate don’t you think Sebastian ? “sometimes the sound of goodbye is louder than any drumbeat”.
Lordy I am going to miss you all.
Ok, lights are dimmed and everyone is going to attempt to sleep, I know I shall. This is absolutely brilliant and I can’t wait to reach our destination, Hong Kong, wow. So from somewhere South of the Aleutians, approaching Kodiak Seamount (letmegooglethatforyou) at 30,000 feet and 576 MPH with 5,752 miles to go I bid you goodnight.
See you later on the flight.
slept for two or three hours, watched Tinker Taylor and now approaching Vladivostok. Guess this as close as I will get, always wanted to visit and jump on the Trans Siberian Railway to Moscow. Also saw the Sea of Ohkotsk and Kamchatka. Remember, I am a geography nerd !
Time passed. Another meal, another nap.
Now we have Shanghai to starboard and Hong Kong is a mere 800 miles ahead. Unfortunately I shall be deprived of a good photo opportunity as we approach as it will be dark. But there is always tomorrow, or even this evening.
So let’s leave flight 879, a really long flight but the food was good, the seat accommodating, crew helpful and attentive. I have endured worse. So, thanks Cathay Pacific.
Tonight in Hong Kong.

3 responses to “Cathay Pacific flight 879

  1. I looked forward to launching the application, Finding Friends, to locate my neighbor Tim in Hong Kong, but location not available….unfortunately, unable to track your location using this app. Will depend on twitter posts and this blog. Great read so far!

  2. I’m enjoying it as well Tim. Not too wordy at all…..feel like I’m lurkin’ in your backpack! …now, take me out of the luggage compartment and get to exploring! Have FUN, sounds fabulous. Loved the wedding pix as well.
    Bon Voyage my friend ~~~ happy trails.

  3. Good god! Never done this before so don’t know if you, Tim, will get this or whether the rest of the world will be able to read it as well. Anyway, just discovered your blog will be following your journey as you followed mine and Graham’s. Although your’s is going to be far longer. Just thought I’d let you know it reads really well. Loved the wedding sequence. Now to look up Scott Evest. Travel clothing is my thing at the moment. If someone could design a pair of cargo pants which then converts into an evening dress which then converts into a holdall which then…………….

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