First 11 hours in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong first Impressions

British power sockets and car license plates
The queues to gain access to Prada, Chanel, Ferragamo and the other fashion houses.
Canton Street, where I am staying , has the feel of the Rue St Honore in Paris, the Via Condotti, Rome, Knightsbridge or High St Kensington in London. Not to worry, I am only here for a couple of nights then Saigon. I cannot imagine that City will be like this.
The docks, I knew they were big, but they went on for miles and miles as we drove in from the airport.
I am not actually in Hong Kong at all ! I am in Kowloon. Taking a ferry later to H/K and ride the cable car to “The Peak”
There are lots and lots of people, for instance I was passed through 5 people to get from the hotel check in at the airport to the bus. 6 if you include the driver. The shopping crowds last night at 9.00pm rivaled Union Square/Oxford St on a Saturday afternoon.
Must remember to take my Spork when I go out, chopstick skills under developed.
I need a visa to go to Macau, it only takes a day to issue so tomorrow I get to ride the Macau Ferry. I hear it rivals the Staten Island ferry ride, I wonder if it is free ?
I must look at the signs on the elevators. I inadvertently took the Service elevator last night and ended up in the kitchens.
Everyone takes photos. It’s like Edinburgh at Festival time, walking along and suddenly the people in front stop to photograph something, anything. Mind you the front of the Esprit store is pretty impressive, it is one huge tv screen on three sides.
Ok, it’s getting light, yes, all these first impressions were gained in darkness so I am off to catch my first glimpse of a Junk.
I have jet lag.

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  1. Is there an Apple store? Love reading your posts!

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