Last Day in Luang Prabang.

Itchy feet, high metabolism, well rested ? Whatever it is I am on my way tomorrow. Luang Prabang (LP) is a delight, the people are friendly, smiley, gracious, polite and as far as I can tell scrupulously honest. According to my Rough Guide they have an innate sense of “muan” (fun) and if something is “baw muan” (not fun) then it is quickly abandoned. Sounds reasonable. I see much hard work going on, running stalls and shops, fishing and farming, maintenance, repair and building but alas it all seems to provide little in the way of return. The most used bank note is the 50,000 Kip note, about $6.00 US, and frankly everything seems to cost less than this. Example, the restaurant I am currently sitting in features a menu with nothing more expensive than, yes, 50,000 kip. Johnny Walker is $3.00 a shot, cocktails are $3.25, Daiquires, Piña Coladas, even a Long Island Ice Tea. Not much of a markup available there. I suppose there is some solace in the fact that I am helping to contribute towards the fifty percent of the Country’s revenue which comes from tourism. But not even my meager contribution is not going to help Laos drag itself up from its position in one of the ten most underdeveloped countries on Earth.
I think it is here, for the first time, that I have found it unfortunate that I do not have a travel companion. All those activities in Hong Kong, HCMC and Hanoi were just fine to do solo but here, after the initial exploring, I could have done with some company. There are all sorts of one and two day excursions to waterfalls, elephant preserves, ethnic villages etc that really lend themselves to group travel. Bit boring on ones own. So, tomorrow I go to Siem Reap, site of the famous Angkor Wat temple complex.
Will let you know how it goes.

5 responses to “Last Day in Luang Prabang.

  1. Blog from LP today. Oh dear,you sound a bit lonely. Just had a Valentine from Nat.A lovely card of two mad March hares!
    I am reminded that I didn’t send a cheque for his birthday.

  2. They sound a wonderful people. Sorry you are feeling a bit lonely, if you were closer G and I could have joined you at the restaurant! Angkor Wat, we were going to visit there! But we never got to Cambodia. Look forward to some photos. Take care. Keep safe.

  3. Happy Valentines Day Tim. Hope the next leg of you trip gives you some travellers to talk to.
    We’re with you in spirit on this wonderful trip you are doing and look froward at the end of a busy day in civilisation to read the next installment.
    Love V.

  4. Just finished valentines day service and we set a new restaurant record for V Day of 272 guests for the 4 course v day dinner! So nice to down in the office for five minutes the end of the shift and read about your adventures! I wish I was there in the market with you and soo very envious that you are going to angkor wat, it is def on my top ten list to see in the world. Sending you much v day love from the Cafe Flora kitchen! Much Love Dad!!!!

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