Out and about in Jaisalmer

On the phone.

Atop the wall.

An average alley, wide enough for four warriors side by side.

A mysterious alleyway.

A Jain Temple in the town.

Jain Temple detail.

Street scene.

Just strolling about.

A school outing.

One of the three gates into the city.

Such a fortress.

Far out in the desert the sandstorm rages on.

3 responses to “Out and about in Jaisalmer

  1. Barbara Godden

    Fantastic photos! Love the cattle wandering through the alley ways. The Jain Temple looks amazing. So unlike anything I’ve ever seen it quite takes my breath away. The fortress looks like something Disney might have dreamt up. I think I want to go! Stay safe.

  2. Superb photos yesterday.Loved the one of you”atop”. The sandstorm picture reminds Maurice and me of the Ghibli that we used to get in Tripoli when the seats of the cars were to hot too sit on!
    Only a week to go now, I wonder how you are going to settle down again when you get back to the States?
    Lots of love
    Mother and Maurice xx

  3. Wonderful pictures, I particularly like the school children, so well dressed and groomed, the boys separate from the girls. You look great, seasoned from the sun. Even though it is the first day of spring, it is another gloomy day in San Anselmo. Looks like my next-door house is going to sell, to a family with 2 kids. I’m enjoying the calm before the storm, and I’m not talking about sand storms either!

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