One year on.

Well look at that, a whole year has passed since I set out from San Francisco to Hong Kong. I have this great memory of Sara (the daughter in law) and me eating breakfast at Theresa and Johnny’s and then she dropped me off at the Airport bus. I wonder if she was briefed or not but she stayed in the lot until the bus pulled out and waved and waved, this has become a family tradition with so many departures to the airport over the years. Oh the excitement of finding my seat on the Cathay Pacific flight and thinking “this bird is going to take me to the far side of the world”. Exquisite. I think I had three meals, two naps, tried to watch a movie, failed, blogged a bit, played with all the seat gadgets, entertained the crew with Seb and Sara’s wedding photos on the quite huge tv screen, watched the map app and was thrilled when we flew over Vladivostok, you get the picture, “hick on a trip” !
Arriving was even more thrilling, getting hopelessly lost at the airport, sharing biscuits with a family, who were also lost, finding the right bus and then realizing that my hotel wasn’t in Hong Kong at all, it was in Kowloon. Then the many rides across the straits on the Star Ferries from Tsim Sha Tsui, it was just a huge sensory overload.
Then on, on and on and on………..
Until today, one year later during which I :
Listened to Morning Edition on NPR from 4.00am until
Checked email, Twitter etc and read the Guardian.
Showered, we have a new shower head.
Continued to sneeze, I have used three boxes of tissues in 24 hours.
I have a cold.
Went out to work, client was a no show.
Took a pair of pants back to Nordstrom, the zipper thingy fell off after 2 months.
Wished every retailer or seller of things, had customer service like Nordies.
Met J at Best Buy to negotiate purchase of new camera.
Succeeded in persuading them to price match Amazon. Saved $70.00
Wished no retailer or seller of things had customer service like Best Buy.
Guy in front of us in the line looked like he had a concealed assault weapon.
Prepared for 1.00 pm meeting………didn’t happen. Postponed until tomorrow.
Had a hot Pastrami sandwich at Theresa and Johnny’s. Best in town.
Discussed the Ka’ba in Mecca with the owner and waitperson. Really.
Shared younger son’s attendance at the Kumbh Mela.
Inappropriate points raised about 40 million people’s “stuff” over lunch.
Was invited to Mardi Gras in New Orleans next week.
Always interesting at T & J’s
Came home, tried to take a nap, couldn’t due to construction next door.
Went to work again with a quite new client, he is always so pleased to see me.
Figured out that Windows has a problem displaying wide screen monitors.
Showed his wife how to use Spotify on her iPhone. She thinks I am a god.
Swapped out receptionist’s computer for a new one. See opinion above.
Went to grocery store, put checks in the ATM.
Bought more tissues and dinner.
Got stuck in rush hour traffic. It took me 10 minutes to get home!
Fixed computer for client, it works just fine on non widescreen monitor.
Blogged while listening to araabMUZIK. Ultra chill sound.
J called, she off to a restaurant/bar after working late.
And now it’s 9.45.

BIG DIFFERENCE between February 1st 2012 and February 1st 2013.

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  1. Sorry about your cold. Sounds as if you had a busy day,a bit too technical for me. You will be glad to hear we have now got our VCR and SKY + HD connected so can watch DVDs. Very nice man from Hursely came and fixed it for £50!!

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