First Day in England

England. Hilarious times in Yorkshire amongst people so different to the good folk of Northern California. Jet lag too. It’s been a rather bewildering few days. To tell you the truth, now nearly two weeks into the trip, it has all been a bit of a blur. Surrounded by ten other family members, each with their own personalities, there have been moments when I have been on the verge of being overwhelmed.

   Shall I start at the beginning? Yes, ok. I flew into London’s Heathrow, took the Express train into Paddington Station, cab across town to King’s Cross Station where I waited for my pre booked train to a City called Leeds. Sat and watched the indicator boards which would tell me from  which platform the train departed. “On Time” I read, this was a good thing. Sat some more, still “On Time”, until suddenly it switched to “Cancelled”! Oh great, now what? Noticed that previous train to Leeds hadn’t yet departed, dashed to the Platform, found correct per booked seat. Sat down. Hmm, I thought, right seat wrong train. Will I be ejected, abandoned at Little Sowerby by an irate train official?
    No, it was fine. I arrived at Leeds Station and with five minutes in hand changed trains to Hebden Bridge. This little town, or large village, my first destination on this trip, was recommended by another travel blogger as a great way to confront culture shock when arriving in the UK. They were not kidding. I took a taxi up the hill behind the town to the Hare and Hounds pub and upon arrival it was in complete darkness, couldn’t even find the front door. Eventually made myself heard and spent a great evening reminiscing, great food and a few beers.
Up early, Full English Breakfast. 

 And then it was off to York

So sorry this is so disjointed but I am trying blogging from a Mac and, to tell you the truth I have no idea what I’m doing, yet.

More to come, be patient.

One response to “First Day in England

  1. Looking forward to reading the rest! Hope you are still having fun and being well-entertained!

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