Photos of the Water Festival in Phnom Penh.

There has not been a Water Festival for a few years as over 350 people died on a bridge here in 2010 during a panicked stampede. Therefore the authorities were out in force, closing roads, inspecting bags, setting up First Aid Posts and exercising crowd control. Just like home.

The Scene:





The Racing Action:







See the guy bailing!!

See the guy bailing!!






The Boat Parade:


Last minute adjustments, looks precarious.

Last minute adjustments, looks precarious.






There were fireworks and I thought it would be nice to post a couple of great firework photos, but……..

I was wrong!!

I was wrong!!

Should have used a tripod.

Phew, hardest blog yet. Hope they look alright.

12 responses to “Photos of the Water Festival in Phnom Penh.

  1. Great photos, very colourful. How brilliant that you are there to witness such an event.

  2. Great shots Tim!!! Getting so excited about visiting Cambodia in Jan.!!!
    How long are you in the area?

    • Thanks Laura, as I said, toughest post yet but lesson learnt, take less photos! Sorting through 400+ on a tiny screen is not easy.
      My visa expires December 1st so hope to visit German friends in their orphanage back in Thailand.
      Will respond more fully via email.

  3. Fantastic photos Dad! Definitely makes me think about taking up dragon boating here in Seattle. Visiting the orphanage sounds like a great idea!

    • Thanks Nat. Dragon boats in Seattle sounds like a great idea, though perhaps some consideration should be taken of the 40 degree difference in the temperature. Wet suits may be in order.

  4. Prudence Dreyfus

    I love a Parade & this is spectacular !

  5. Loved the photos of the River Festival.. Funnily enough yesterday’s Times
    published a photo of the same event. Not such a good photo as yours!
    How spectacular it must have been.

    • Searched and searched for The Times report but to no avail. Did you recycle it yet?
      I appreciate the kind words and hope that at least one of the photos conveyed how spectacular and exciting it all was.

  6. The photos are great – and the fireworks photo pretty good considering you didn’t use a tripod! What a spectacular event and a great memory.

    • A great memory.
      In fact I now have so many great memories I’m not sure I have room for any more.
      My little camera has a ‘fireworks” setting but that didn’t seem to do much good, though the “night shot” setting worked quite well with the illuminated boats I thought.
      Maybe I should do a post about cameras and photos?

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